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How to Use CBD for Muscle Recovery

To understand CBD how CBD works on the body, we need to start with the system of the body that CBD works on. There is one system of the body that is paramount to all the other systems of the body being able to maintain homeostasis. 

In this blog, we’ll dive deeper than just CBD and working out. We’re going to explore a system of our body that helps maintain homeostasis and is the building block for recovery. This system is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

The reason homeostasis is vital is because an overactive or underactive ECS can wreak havoc on your wellness and quality of life. If your body is out of homeostasis how can it focus on muscle repairing or muscle growth? Let’s dive in.

What does ECS have to do with muscle recovery?

In order for you to gain the most from your workout, proper recovery, and rest is absolutely necessary. In order for you to recover and rest properly, you must support your ECS and encourage homeostasis. 

And remember, sore muscles can be a good thing! If you are working out hard enough your muscle and joints may be sore days after a hard workout. Here are some helpful ways to support your ECS, and in turn, have a smoother recovery post-workout.

Take Phytocannabinoid-Rich Products

While our bodies do make cannabinoids, there are also cannabinoids that come from plants, particularly the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids might sound foreign but our body can actually produce cannabinoids on its own. For example, breast milk contains cannabinoids.

We’re going to discuss the cannabinoids that do not have psychoactive effects. Taking phytocannabinoid-rich products is an excellent way to support the ECS. And right now there is no more popular phytocannabinoid-rich product than CBD oil. 

A high-quality CBD Oil can be taken in a variety of forms and can help strengthen your ECS. The CBD and THC present in hemp-derived CBD oil are great for helping your body find balance. The ECS thrives off of endocannabinoids (the ones our bodies make) and phytocannabinoids (the ones that come from plants). That is why high-quality CBD products are so effective in helping with reducing muscle recovery time. 

Incorporate Meditation and Yoga Into Your Life 

When you practice yoga or meditation, your body replies with something called the “relaxation response” to promote physical and mental wellness. This “relaxation response” is the mind’s way of putting the body and mind into a state of relaxation and wellness.

In addition to the relaxation response, when a person engages in these practices, our bodies make more of an endocannabinoid called, anandamide.  Anandamide is a neurotransmitter in the brain that binds to the same cannabinoid receptors that THC binds to. That’s why many refer to anandamide as the bliss molecule,

The ECS is balanced through this response due to harmony being brought to the body and mind. Yoga and meditation are also largely beneficial to muscular recovery and are a great way to practice active recovery. 

Encourage More Restorative Sleep

This is the most important factor in muscular recovery.  To balance your ECS, you must build the quality of rest you get.

  • Set a consistent bedtime and stick to it.
  • Eliminate screens from your bedtime routine and read a relaxing book instead.
  • Take CBD to help wind down your mind and ease your body to optimize this period of restorative rest.
  • Meditate and stretch to achieve a “relaxation response” from the body.

What is Somatotropin?

After a successful night of rest, your body can efficiently produce somatotropin. This hormone is also referred to as “growth hormone” or “hGH” to stimulate muscular repair and generate cells.

This is absolutely necessary for balancing your ECS and recovering from an intense workout.

Build Consistency Into Your Life

Consistency is key when it comes to balancing the ECS. When you incorporate any restorative practice into your life, consistency is what encourages restored homeostasis in the ECS.

If you choose to begin taking CBD then focus on taking it consistently.  Whether you take microdoses throughout the day or take it in the morning and evening, consistency is key. If you do yoga or meditate, realize the importance of putting that practice into your daily routine. And remember the frequent use of a high-quality foam roller can help reduce inflammation and target specific muscle groups. 

Avoid Excess Sugar

This should go without saying but the excess sugar can lead to inflammation, heart problems, and a host of other issues. You can find sugar in obvious places like donuts and chocolate milk shakes. 

But also be on the lookout for sugar hiding in toppings, beverages billed as “healthy” and even bread. If you want to elevate your workout routine remember that sugar is a quick way to throw to ruin that hard work. Instead, focus on the whole foods with minimal preservatives and additives. Pair a healthy diet with plenty of phyto-rich cannabinoids and a good night’s sleep and watch the difference in your recovery!

Answer CBD Muscle Recovery Questions

If you have any questions about muscle and recovery we are here to help. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with our Natural Health Practitioner or visit our friends at Irontribe Fitness for more great fitness related advice.

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