How to Use CBD for Your Pets

How to Use CBD for Your Pets

The bulk of scientific research into the benefits of cannabidiol is focused on human applications, but as we learn more about the compound’s potential, researchers are now exploring how CBD may help our animal companions. Even at this early stage, the reports are promising, and our pets may find relief from a variety of common issues. 

Just like us, dogs, cats, and other animals have an endocannabinoid system capable of interacting with the compounds found in cannabis plants. Just as studies have suggested CBD’s potential for relieving aches, nervousness, and a host of other issues in humans, the versatile compound interacts with animal ECSs in much the same way. 

While some dogs are prone to nervousness, even tranquil animals may be troubled by a thunderstorm or fireworks display in their neighborhood. The soothing effects that have drawn many humans to CBD may also manifest in our canine companions, helping them remain calm even during stressful situations.  

Science has shown that the ECS is involved with at least two inflammatory conditions in dogs, and it appears that cannabidiol may offer some relief with canines living with recurring aches and even certain central nervous system issues. A 2018 study published in the Public Library of Science’s PLOS One journal concluded that “the development of new anti-inflammatory treatment strategies in canine CNS inflammation should involve the EC system.”

Keep in mind that while anecdotal information has thus far touted positive results, it has also yielded several side effects to look out for. Some pet owners have reported dry mouth, lethargy, and a drop in blood pressure. As with humans, CBD affects the way the liver processes some medications, so tell your veterinarian if you intend to give your pet CBD products.  

Because laws governing what veterinarians can say about CBD products are still very restrictive across the U.S., your vet may not be able to offer much information yet. However, states like California are already discussing bills to lift the restrictions governing veterinary recommendations and prescriptions. As with any other veterinary material, remember to follow the guidelines that accompany your CBD pet product. 


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