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World's Best CBD Tincture. What Does That Mean?

Relyf was recently awarded the prestigious World CBD Awards Best Tincture and Best Edible in Barcelona, Spain.  The World CBD Awards had its first event in Barcelona, Spain to gather and recognize the best of the best in the CBD industry.

The title of the event was “We can do better”, meaning as an industry that has some bad players, we can all gather together to elevate the standards and processes through which CBD is manufactured and sold.

Why Apply for CBD Awards?

We must set standards by which products are held to. We are dealing with potent compounds that affect the health and wellness of consumers, and the lack of standards in the industry have led to not only products that are not what they say they are, but also products that contain harmful additives and are extracted using techniques that taint the ultimate product.

“We at Relyf feel a real responsibility to care for the overall health and wellness of our consumers, not just sell a product," CJ Britton - Marketing Director at Relyf.

Of the 300+ nominees, 13 were chosen as winners based on a standard that covered three main areas: lab testing, compliance, and marketing/social justice/logo/messaging/education.

world cbd awards best cbd tincture

How Were The CBD Awards Judged?

1. CBD Judges Were Anonymous

The World CBD Awards judging panel was kept anonymous until after all awards were handed to respective winners.

2. All CBD Products Were Lab Tested

Products in the US that are being sold as CBD products are not under regulation currently. This means that any company willing to put CBD on a label can manufacture and sell those products without test results.

There is no way to ensure these products have the ingredient purported unless a company is taking the additional step to conduct and display a Certificate of Analysis (COA) conducted by a third party lab.

At Relyf, we double test every batch to ensure the quality of the ingredients as well as ensuring there are no harmful ingredients such as heavy metals and/or pesticides. We make it easy for the consumer to access by placing a QR code that links these results on our website and also on the bottle.

3. CBD Compliance

Currently, CBD companies are not allowed to make ANY medical claims for the use of their products that are not approved through the FDA.  And since no CBD companies have FDA approval, no medical claims should be made on the website, marketing materials or social media platforms.

Relyf Health is an educational health and wellness company so while we will educate on the science behind CBD and the many benefits, we remain in complete compliance by ensuring there are no medical claims tied to our specific products.  Not only are medical claims misleading, but they are also illegal.

4. CBD Marketing and Education

Education is oftentimes the missing piece in the cannabis industry. Relyf is an educational health and wellness company that happens to carry high-quality CBD products. Education is at the forefront of everything we do.

In order to sell Relyf products, retailers must first complete a thorough CBD education. We take additional strides to make sure every consumer has the tools they need to start and maintain their CBD usage.

We do this through a free 15 minute consults for anyone who buys our products and is ready to get started. We have also paired with doctors and practitioners around the nation that can assist customers who are needing more than what CBD alone can offer. Lastly, we have partnered with a high-quality education platform that trains doctors and practitioners on cannabis medicine that includes CME’s and/or CEU’s.

“Winning these awards was humbling and validating at the same time. We work very hard as a company to ensure we are not only providing the highest quality products possible but also taking additional steps to educate people who are using and/or selling our products," Jenny Golden - Director of Education.

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