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CBD and Pet Care: A Beginner's Guide to CBD in Your Animal

Are you interested in how CBD can help care for your pet? We at Relyf are proud to supply pet owners with high-quality CBD oil specifically formulated for your furry friend.

However, with anything new, there are lots of uncertainties around using CBD with your pet's health. We dive into frequently asked questions behind pet care and CBD. Find out more below! 

How does CBD work on animals?

Did you know all mammals have an endocannabinoid system? This system in your body, also known as your ECS, is responsible for the regulation of some of your body's most important functions. Researchers have attributed everything from sleep, anxiety, to pain management to a healthy ECS! And while we're discovering something new about our bodies every day one thing is certain, the ECS is an incredible part of our bodies.

Science has proven that cannabinoids (like CBD) work directly within multiple receptors in this system in our body to help us achieve homeostasis and live healthier, more balanced lives. Since all mammals have an ECS it makes sense that the benefits of CBD in humans would be mirrored on a smaller scale in popular pets like cats and dogs. While your pet snake or tarantula may not benefit from CBD your favorite kitten or puppy definitely can!

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a signaling system found in the cells of most mammals, including humans, cats, and dogs. The ECS is essentially a network of receptors in the brain, organs, tissue, glands and nervous system. The ECS is far from fully understood but is believed to promote homeostasis in mammals, keeping internal systems balanced despite external factors.

This can include regulating things like appetite and digestion, motor control, sleep, and muscle and bone growth. Endocannabinoids, produced naturally in the body of mammals, are neurotransmitters that act as messengers in the body to communicate with itself.

Endocannabinoids connect to receptors to relay messages within the body.  There are two main endocannabinoid receptors:

  • CB1 receptors – mostly found in the central nervous system which includes the brain and spinal cord.
  • CB2 receptors – mostly found in the peripheral nervous system, which includes cells and organs.

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How do I apply CBD topically on my pet?

If you're familiar with essential oils then you know that applying oil to certain parts of the body can make a quick impact. When applying pet CBD, animals are no different. If your pet has trouble winding down after a long day or might be up in age and needs help relief from moving around, topical application is a great way to start.

If there is a specific area of your pet, such as their joints or paws, simply pour 1/4 dropper of Relyf Pet Care CBD into the palm of your hand and gently rub directly onto the afflicted spot. Watch your pet for 5 minutes and try to keep them from licking the area as much as possible. No need to panic if your pet does lick the oil. Our Pet Care CBD oil is also safe for ingestion.

How do I administer CBD orally to my pet?

There may be no more difficult task as a pet owner than trying to administer a vitamin or pill to your pet. Luckily, CBD oil is easily hidable in your pet's favorite food for easy ingestion. In fact, CBD oil bonds especially well with fat to deliver directly into your pet's system.

So adding a few drops to a spoonful of peanut butter for a treat, or stirring in with a can of wet dog/cat food is a great way to get your pet to ingest the oil. Of course, you can always place the dropper directly into your pet's mouth but this may be more difficult. 

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Talking to your veterinarian about CBD:

Just like with humans, we recommend talking to your pet's healthcare practitioner when using CBD. While there is plenty of emerging literature on the subject your vet should be able to easily access resources and help guide you on your pet's wellness journey.

If you're not sure where to start, feel free to visit the Relyf Contact Us page and we can connect you with one of the holistic veterinarians in our network! (Location dependent)

What is the difference between CBD oil for pets and CBD oil for humans?

While every brand of oil is different, Relyf uses minimal ingredients in all of its oil tinctures to ensure maximum effectiveness. Relyf's Pet Care oil uses hemp seed oil as the primary carrier oil vs MCT oil in our CBD oil for humans. Hemp seed oil is widely accepted as a safe and effective carrier oil and is perfect for your furry friend!

We also ensure all of our Pet Care products are made with 0% THC. This is especially important because while pets and humans share an ECS their bodies are much smaller and much more easily impacted by cannabinoids. So while the research on THC and your pet are still being done, we know CBD is generally accepted as safe and so we use only the finest CBD isolate for our pet products.

How do we determine the best CBD oil for pets?

Like with CBD oil for humans, CBD oils for pets are not regulated. However, before purchasing the same, consider the following factors that would help you in making the most appropriate and worthy choice.

  • Always ensure that the CBD oil is sourced from traceable hemp and does not contain any toxins or heavy metals.
  • Make sure that the CBD oil has been processed using safe methods such as cold press and CO2 extraction.
  • Go for those CBD oil brands that independently test their products and provide a COA (Certification of Analysis).
  • Check the level of THC in the oil. Ideally, the oil you use to care for your pet will have 0% THC. This should be proven on the COA.

Have more questions? Visit our Contact Us page and we're happy to help!

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