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Relyf Success Stories: Boatwright Pharmacy & CBD

Over the past year, Relyf has had the opportunity to work with retailers all over the United States. We’ve worked with everyone from coffee shops, medical professionals, big-box retailers, CBD dispensaries, and beyond. 

We’ve met plenty of incredible people and had the opportunity to learn and grow with them. In our new series, Relyf Success Stories, we’ll highlight some of the retailers we’ve seen success with and provide an in-depth case study to show the Relyf difference. 

Customer Problem:

Boatwright Pharmacy in Memphis is a small-sized to mid-sized Pharmacy that serves the community of Millington, Tennessee. Boatwright was one of the first pharmacies in their area to carry CBD for its customers and saw first hand how it could help. 

Originally, Boatwright carried a popular national brand of CBD as its first brand. However, they saw an opportunity for another CBD oil brand that placed a larger focus on quality education and customer service.

For Boatwright, it was more than just carrying a product, it was about helping guide their customers on a path to holistic wellness. 

Customer Roadblocks:

Like many healthcare professionals, Boatwright was discouraged by the lack of research, science, and support from many popular CBD brands.

The 2018 Farm Bill allowed for CBD Oil derived from the hemp plant to be sold nationwide in the United States. But, outside of that ruling there was little guidance on what made a good CBD product and what the science was behind it.

In an unregulated industry, they were unsure where to find a high-quality CBD brand and not even sure what to ask in terms of research. With unclear regulations from the federal government, they had plenty of questions about potential CBD side effects, human studies that cover CBD and THC, and just how the endocannabinoid system worked as a whole. 

It all felt overwhelming and left plenty of room for interpretation. Thankfully, Relyf was able to address all of their questions head-on and help guide them to what success with CBD looked like. 

Proposed Solution:

Education: Relyf always leads with education. CBD is more than just a supplement, or add on. CBD can be an incredible addition to a healthy routine and help users on their journey to holistic health.

Relyf has a team of Natural Health Practitioners on staff to help educate medical professionals, retailers, and customers on the proper usage of CBD. 

We know what questions your customers are going to ask because we live in that world every day. Most importantly our team helps set realistic expectations so users can properly utilize CBD in their daily lives.

Relyf’s research, based in science, takes an in-depth look at cannabidiol CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol THC, and how it interacts with the body. It is this kind of knowledge that empowers retailers to answer customer questions with confidence and clarity.

Product: Relyf suggested our full suite of oil and tincture CBD products to start out. With such a diverse customer base we had a product for every need. All Relyf products come with a 3rd party lab test that proves what is on the bottle is actually inside the bottle. 

This gives Relyf customers confidence in our CBD hemp extract. They are not being sold a snake oil or something potentially harmful. Relyf’s lab tests go beyond just CBD and test for harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides.

Hemp is a remedial plant, and any sort of pollutant can potentially harm users. So Relyf maintains a strict code for their manufacturing partners to ensure the highest quality ingredients.

Fulfillment: Relyf’s robust fulfillment capabilities ensure that any and all orders are delivered within 24-48 hours of order. So you never have to stretch inventory and can rely on it showing up when you need it most. Relyf also is flexible in ordering times and product mix. 

That way Boatwright didn’t have to worry about having excess product on the shelves that simply does not move. Making it easy to track inventory and watch what products are moving the best. 

Support: Outside of world-class product Relyf also provides a 1-800 number that any and all Boatwright customers can call for more guidance on taking CBD. Our Natural Health experts are available to help discuss drug interactions, dietary supplements, dosing, and more. 

While our education equips retailers to field many common CBD related questions, Relyf’s customer success team is always standing by to help. On top of customer support, Relyf also stays on top of the latest regulations behind the hemp industry with a robust legal team.

This team ensures the latest regulations for CBD are followed. With the food and drug administration sending warning letters to CBD companies every month, Boatwright Pharmacy wanted to ensure their partner was abiding by the latest laws and regulations. 

Final Results:

Over 12 months Boatwright has seen a dramatic increase in return CBD customers. They have also seen a spike in hemp derived CBD sales altogether along with a rise in customers switching from prescription medication to CBD.

Outside of financial success, Boatwright has also used CBD to slowly and effectively break customers of opioid usage and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The results have been staggering. Boatwright’s team is now the CBD experts in their community and can speak insightfully to how CBD works. To the team at Boatwright, CBD is more than just a product, it’s a gateway to a healthier, more holistic lifestyle. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Relyf can help grow your business reach out to us on our Contact Us page https://relyfhealth.com/pages/contact or give us a ring at +1 866-697-3593.

Stay tuned for more great Relyf Success Stories in the coming months. We are excited to highlight retailers and customers who have seen firsthand the Relyf difference. If you’d like to nominate a retailer or customer you can share your feedback at the contact information above.

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