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What Makes a High-Quality CBD Oil Tincture?

You'd be surprised to know everything that goes into making CBD Oil. While the market is flooded with plenty of CBD Oils, what makes an oil tincture stand out as the best? 

First off let's start with the legal side of things. CBD is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Cannabis can mean Hemp or Marijuana as they are both members of that family of plants. However, at a federal level, Hemp-derived products are the only legal type of CBD, whereas Marijuana-derived products are only available in certain states where the law allows for it. 

Currently, you can find CBD Oil in 3 primary formulations; Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate. For an easy way to remember which cannabinoids each of these 3 types contains, take a look at the graphic below. 

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Which one of these is the best? That really depends on what you are using it for. Take a look at the chart below, Isolate and Full Spectrum are still effective, however, the window of efficacy is much smaller on isolate. So if you are currently taking a high-quality CBD Isolate do not worry! You just need to dial in your dosage to yield your desired results.

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Regardless of what formulation type of CBD you are using, there are 5 primary factors you should be looking for when choosing a high-quality CBD Oil.

Using the right hemp: Did you know Hemp acts like a sponge when it is planted in the ground? It sucks up any and all nutrients that are in the soil around it, in the water that feeds it and in the air above it! That is why it is imperative to use a CBD Oil that is from Hemp grown without harmful pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals. How do you know if your hemp has these materials in them? A high-quality CBD oil will have a 3rd party verified lab test that shows the absence of any harmful ingredients. At Relyf we have a QR code on the front of every bottle that traces back to our 3rd party lab test. Every batch is double lab tested to ensure the highest quality CBD oil is making it to your home. Take a look for yourself below!

relyf cbd oil qr code for traceability

CBD Traceability

Plain and simple. Do you know where your hemp comes from? Different farms use different techniques and that only gets wider as you move outside of the United States into further unregulated countries. If a company cannot trace where its hemp comes from that should be cause for alarm. 

CBD & Minimal Ingredients

A high-quality CBD oil should contain minimal ingredients. If the aforementioned CBD oil uses exceptional hemp, sustainable growing processes, and the right extraction process it will become more bio-available in your body and not require a host of ingredients. There are a host of complementary compounds that can be paired with CBD Oil to create different interactions in the body. However, for the sake of this article look for CBD oils that have minimal ingredients. Remember, this is an unregulated industry. So the more ingredients in a bottle of CBD oil, the more you need to look up and verify their effectiveness and inclusion in the product. 

CBD Pure Extraction Methods

There are two primary ways CBD manufacturers extract oils from the hemp plant: solvent extraction and CO2 extraction.   You should be able to find the exact method of extraction used by looking at a manufacturer's website or by calling their customer service line.  Solvent extraction uses a variety of solvents such as alcohol, butane, propane or isopropyl.  These chemicals are not only dangerous to work with, there is also the potential for residual solvents not being evaporated.  Some studies have found traces of naphtha hydrocarbons or petroleum residue in CBD products that have been extracted using solvents.  CO2 extraction is more expensive for a manufacturer but it is also the cleanest and most efficient way to get cannabinoids out of the plant while preserving additional components and filtering out unnecessary components.  At Relyf, we are committed to the added expense in making a high-quality product and use only CO2 extraction for our products.  

No medical claims: While this final point does not physically impact the quality of the CBD oil itself, it does give you visibility into the company behind the oil and how they approach your health. Right now, with Hemp-Derived CBD being an unregulated product, you cannot make any bodily claims about CBD. Meaning if a company is claiming that CBD can cure your different ailments they're not FDA compliant and could possibly be misleading consumers. Be wary of companies claiming to be a cure-all. CBD is a fantastic addition to a healthy and active lifestyle but it is not a silver bullet for health.

Have any questions about Relyf CBD and how we're proactively trying to bring you the highest quality CBD Oil? Visit our contact us page and reach out! We would love to connect!

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