Common CBD Myths and Misconceptions

Common CBD Myths and Misconceptions

Even as the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, becomes more widespread, myths and misunderstandings still circulate about what the compound is and what it can do. To provide a better picture of its properties and potential benefits, let’s clear up some of the most prevalent misconceptions.

What are the CBD misconceptions?

“Isolated CBD is More Effective”

While cannabidiol takes top billing in CBD products, it’s not the only helpful resource found in hemp. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products contain a wide variety of beneficial terpenes and compounds, including low, legal amounts of THC. Through the “entourage effect,” these products achieve a greater effect and work within a wider range of biological pathways than CBD isolates.

A CBD-only product still offers the benefits of cannabidiol, but without the host of other compounds that support its healthful properties. This may be preferred if you don’t want any THC at all in your product.

“A Higher Dose Means A Greater Effect”

It’s easy to assume that the more CBD you take, the better your results will be. However, there is a sweet spot where the compound is most effective. If you take more CBD than is necessary, you could potentially negate its therapeutic effects. It may be helpful to start with 0.25mL, then gradually increase the dosage over a few days until you feel that it’s reaches optimal effect. The ideal dose varies from person to person, and it takes time for your body to acclimate to any change in dosage. Going over your optimal dosage won’t harm you, but it won’t provide any benefit, either.

Toxicity is possible, but unlikely. CBD is well tolerated within the body, and a 2011 study published in Current Drug Safety indicates that it would take nearly 20,000 milligrams consumed over a short period to achieve a harmful dose.

“CBD is Not Psychoactive”

All of hemp’s phytocannabinoids are technically psychoactive due to their potential to affect the mind or behavior. This includes cannabidiol, but the compound is not psychoactive in the same way the THC is. In addition to its ability to relieve pain and inflammation, CBD provides a natural calming effect. However, it doesn’t not provide the overtly intoxicating “high” associated with THC.

“CBD is Now Unregulated”

The 2018 Farm Bill established that hemp-derived CBD is not a controlled substance, but the FDA still considers it a pharmaceutical product. This distinction limits how cannabidiol products can be marketed and sold, while marijuana-derived CBD products with higher THC levels are still illegal and fall under the purview of the Drug Enforcement Administration. It’s also important to remember that while federal laws have loosened around CBD use, state and local laws may still be more restrictive.

“All Cannabis Products are the Same”

The CBD market is now filled with products that vary widely in efficacy. The overall quality of any hemp product is determined by how it is derived and the ingredients it contains. Producers should source their CBD from full hemp plants, not just the seeds and stalks which have a lower concentration of cannabidiol.

Avoid anything with unnecessary additives that sweeten the flavor or add volume with no benefit. On each label, look for scannable codes that show you how and where their product was tested.


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